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Axe-Throwing Taught Me How to Process “Steam-filled” Emotions

As I clenched on to the axe and released, it was to my absolute surprise that it did not even make it on the board, let alone the target. I was confused. Not because I thought I was going to be this stellar axe-thrower, but I thought I would at least make an indisputable mark.


I was on set for Channel 10’s SoFlo Health show where they called on me to discuss if an activity such as axe-throwing was actually good for blowing off steam. It was my first time being recorded for Television as a Therapist and I was filled with an anxious energy that had me taking rapid short breaths- if any at all.


So how and the heck did I really think that I was going to throw a bullseye when I couldn’t even think straight? This got me thinking about the concept of “blowing off steam” by participating in such an activity. I found, the only way to be successful at it was if I processed what I was feeling and released it in a way that would hit the target. If I had true emotions of anger or frustration, I could see it becoming dangerous where someone would get hurt.









Feel the emotions. Connect with what you are experiencing.


Hold on to the axe. Grab hold of the emotions and get focused on your objective.


Release the axe. Let go of what’s inside of you in a way that your target will be met.


In most cases, this is what it looks like to process emotions like anger, when in a relationship. It is dangerous to unleash what you’re feeling in a chaotic manner because someone will get hurt, and more likely than not, your point of what you’re feeling won’t get across. You will not meet the target.


Get intentional. When you’re intentional you’re focused.

So, go blow off some steam!


Check me out on Local Channel 10, March 1st at 12:30PM for some conversation on other concepts such as anxiety and depression.


Dr. Claudia Caprio


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