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It’s Okay to Stay Still

As the end of 2020 approaches and we reflect on the year, some things have stuck out to me up to this point, one major concept is hope. This year has taken a toll on so many and while we’ve had a mix of good and bad, loss and gain, and shifted our way of living, I’ve noticed a gleam of hope as we enter into the New Year.

As a therapist, I realized only after changing my own way of life due to covid-19, how truly difficult change can be. This concept of change is something we as therapists preach regularly, not only to shift perspectives but to reach goals through different means of achieving them.

While this is something I often talk about with colleagues and clients, I tend to forget the discipline it requires to achieve true change. Considering the events of this year, one thing I encourage my clients, colleagues, friends, and family to do is hold space for themselves where they need it.


This is the time, if any, to evaluate the important things in one’s life.



My challenge for you this holiday season as we shift into the new year is to allow yourself to be present where you are without striving for drastic changes.

This is something I’ve been practicing throughout this year of constant change and my theory has been, everything around us is changing so much so why can’t we just stay in place for a while? The answer I’ve found is that there really isn’t a reason that we need to rush into “the next big thing” and through this, I’ve found that I’m able to have hope in whichever direction I need at that moment.

Given this challenge, I think the holidays also come with a beautiful opportunity to set boundaries with those who may be pushing us to change in a way we don’t want to or aren’t ready to yet.

Most importantly, remember to hold space for yourself, your stillness, your presence, and your peace.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


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