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3 Tips to Help You Deal with Isolation Around the Holidays

We all know the holidays can be a difficult time, especially regarding the current circumstances of COVID-19.


During the last few months, I’ve been reflecting on how this year will be different regarding the topic of whether or not to see our families. I thought to myself- if this is something I’m struggling with, I’m sure other people are as well. So, I wanted to share three tips that have helped ease my mind during this time.


Stay Connected



When COVID-19 first emerged, I noticed a lot of people were very willing to make plans to video chat with their family, in fact, it had become somewhat of a normal way of communication for quite some time. Over the last few months, however, as we have returned to “normal” I’ve noticed the video chat communication start to phase out. I decided it was still a priority for me to see my family, even if only through video chat, and continue with our holiday traditions- so I started to make plans.



Keep Traditions


A few things that my family does for the holidays is cook recipes that were passed down through our family tree, we wear jewelry that is sentimental to us, and talk about past holiday stories and memories. Since I won’t be traveling to them as I normally would, I wanted to make sure we kept these traditions alive and scheduled specific times for all the crucial events to still take place.


Develop a "Safety Net"



Another thing I’ve found to be very helpful is to make a plan to stay in contact with local friends who may also be far away from family. Find ways to celebrate with your friends so that you are still making an effort to get out of your normal routine and into the holiday spirit.


In a recent conversation, a friend gave me a wonderful idea to ask someone you trust to be your dedicated person that is your “safety net," meaning that if the day gets rough or feels a bit lonely, you can contact them and let them know that you’re in need of extra support. This will not only allow you to have a friend as a lifeline but also continue to enjoy the magic of the holiday season while creating new ways of communicating with one another this holiday season.


The holidays can be an exceedingly difficult time for some people, without the added factors this year has brought us. Due to this, I want to remind you that if you are ever struggling with your thoughts and feelings, you are not alone. There are a variety of resources and actions you can take when it all feels like too much. From reaching out to someone you trust, to seeking therapy, to calling the Suicide Hotline, remember there are many options to help you deal with dark or intrusive thoughts. I’ve included the suicide hotline phone number here. Remember, they’re open 24-7, and they’re just a quick phone call away. If you or someone you know is having an exceptionally difficult time during this time of year, please share this number with them.

Suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255


If you’re struggling with isolation during the holidays don’t hesitate to reach out to CMC Therapy to schedule an appointment.


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