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Choosing Change in 2020

Happy New Year!


With this new year and new decade, we all have a special opportunity to create a fresh start. We are not able to change the past, or what has already happened in life, but we can use our past experiences and turn them into lessons learned. If we use those lessons wisely and meaningfully, we can transform them into a new path, and a new beginning. Maybe it is a change in attitude, change in career or relationships. But change is difficult. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes the fear of the unknown can paralyze us and prevent us from even trying. Well, what happens if we do?

"New year—a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.”- Alex Morritt

This wonderful sentiment reminded me that we always have a CHOICE – we can choose to remain comfortable and content with the status quo in our lives, or we can CHOOSE to be uncomfortable and make changes.


Here we are, another New Year, asking ourselves the same old question, “What is your New Years’ resolution?” This has always been difficult for me to answer - if I don’t maintain or achieve my goal, am I bound for disappointment? The easier choice would be to just not make a resolution. Then, the feeling of failure is completely avoided! The truth is, avoidance tends to only increase negative emotions related to this inability to commit. So, to truly jump out of that perpetual circle of not challenging yourself, then feeling bad about not challenging yourself, we have to choose to change. The changes you set out to make can be great or small – every journey starts with just one step.


As a therapist, managing personal inventory and self-care allows me to be the best clinician for my clients. This year, I commit to improving my self-care and allowing for self-forgiveness if I veer off track. Understanding that sometimes it is easy to get distracted. It’s not about the distraction, but how to get back on course.


As we embark on this new year, we can set mindful intentions for our realistic goals. Maybe it’s making time to exercise or stretch more, increase time with family, start that project that you have been putting off, or asking for the raise you have been working toward. Push yourself to make an active and conscious choice to engage in behaviors that bring you toward your resolution.


Happy New Year, New Start, New Chapter, New Verse!


Connecting with Care,

Dara Kobrin, LMHC


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