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It starts with You and ME(l)

We are all being impacted in many different ways, some directly and indirectly. We are also facing such a political and societal shift; this is a monumental movement.


See, what impacts us on a societal level also impacts us on the psychological and emotional level as well. There is so much trauma surrounding each individual, it’s numbing. From what we are hearing in the news to what we are feeling in our hearts, it’s rather exhausting- and truthfully, it can be paralyzing whether we are a student, parent, professional, or child. How do we find out what we need, what actions to take, and/or what direction we need to go in? We need time to process, time to listen, time to read, and time to understand. How often are you checking in on you, what you need and most importantly what you deserve? Probably not that much. We are experiencing some very trying times right now, and are all currently undergoing some things in common, let me list them:


a public health crisis

a political movement

a systemic racism awakening


grief & loss


All the above


personal experiences


mixed feelings (anxiety, distress, confusion, isolation, depression, guilt, grief, disorientation, melancholy, etc)


So what actions do we need to take?


It starts with YOU and ME.


Spend time reading and researching


If you are uncertain about things, take time to self reflect, and read about what's happening. I know it might be easier to just hear from others, but it’s more impactful to hear things for yourself. If you don’t know something, research about it to get familiar. The best thing now more than ever is psychoeducation. Learn more about the current state of affairs. It doesn’t hurt to read, it only helps. There is endless amount of resources available now, from books to research articles. We have the tools there; it is up to us to take an initiative.


Ask yourself questions from both lens’


Sometimes we don’t know and we may never know, why not ask yourself questions to challenge your thoughts and ideas. If you are confused, ask yourself:

  • Why am I having a hard time?

  • Why are they having a hard time?

  • What is the information I am taking in?

  • What is the information telling me?

  • Where do I go for help?

  • How do I make myself useful?

  • Who can I turn to?

  • Who do I make myself accessible to?

  • What do I need?

  • What do they need?

  • How can I help?


Reach out to friends and family for discussions


As you ask yourself questions, turn to others, and share your knowledge. The sharing of information is the best thing we can do now. It allows others to gain more insight into your thinking process and it also opens a space for conversation. And conversation doesn’t mean conflict, it means having a mature discussion and exchange of thoughts and ideas. Gaining a different perspective on things can be helpful, it is always useful. Don’t be afraid to turn to others and say, “Hey, I want to talk to you about some things happening.”


Contact new people for more information


Branching out of our comfort zone is pertinent for us to build self-confidence and be open to new things. Some of us may be around the same ideas, thoughts, and people. This gives us the same story. Reaching out to someone new would be refreshing and it would be meaningful for the other person as well because you have taken an interest in them and their experiences. THEIR STORY. From there, you can find so many ways to make more connections.


Add new things to your self-care routine


Self-care is important. But, it goes beyond the face serum, face masks, sleep, and healthy eating. Redefine what self-care means for you. This can be by:

  • taking personal responsibility

  • understanding your privilege

  • making sense of your role in society

  • put your phone down and pick up a book

  • turn your music off and put an educational podcast on.

  • stop watching a movie and watch a documentary.

  • stop talking and start listening.



Give yourself permission to feel. While it may be easier to ignore or not pay attention to what is happening, it is now. The time is now. And it starts with you taking an active role and it also starts with me. It is both of us. We are all in this together, and we need to be a strong individual force, but a stronger togetherness force. We need to take more time out to pay attention to our surroundings and remain open to new ideas, changes, shifts, and respect one another.


Follow your meltuition when I tell you we have a lot of self-work to do. But it is a process, a lifelong process.


I’m here, I’m your advocate and your activist. I’ll continue to do my part- but also do yours.



Dr. Mel

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