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JUMPing into A New Lifestyle Promotes Incredible Mental Health Benefits

If you’ve been following me on the ‘gram, you may already know that I have recently joined the LULY team as their Mental Health Mentor.




LULY was founded by Nicole and Noelle Mejia with a mission to encourage a sense of community, balance, and self-acceptance through the motto “Live Like You Love Yourself”. Within LULY, a 28-day program called JUMP has been designed to help create balance in life through a three-pronged approach: movement, nutrition and personal development.

The goal? LULY states, “to set you up with the habits and behaviors you need to sustain a balanced lifestyle, long after the 28 days are completed”.



As the Mental Health Mentor, I initially thought it would be fair to join the ladies of JUMP on this challenge so that I can have a better understanding of how to support them along the journey. What I got was not only a deep connection to the process of the program but an abundance of mental health benefits, as well.



I have to admit, I thought that I would have been A-OK in this area, as I pride myself on being a pretty open-minded individual, but what I found was that it was through having a “fixed mindset” that my anxiety appears the most. For example, JUMP focuses on a plant-based diet to provide nutrition, and this was my ultimate fear when taking on this challenge because of the belief “I can’t live without meat”. Now, while I knew this was an exaggeration, I had said it to myself so many times throughout my life that when the time came for me to give up meat, I was petrified and full of anxiety.


Two shopping carts with vegan groceries

 Vegan Groceries from Luly's JUMP   Program Meal Plan

 Low and behold, I am done with my first   JUMP program, and fully living and   thriving! I am in awe of how having a   self-limiting belief, and ultimately a fixed   mindset, kept me paralyzed. Through   making this lifestyle change, just one of   the many mental health benefits I’ve   gained was shifting into a growth   mindset, knowing that I can always   grow,  improve, and cultivate a love for   the process.

 Vegan Groceries from Luly's JUMP Program Meal Plan

Throughout my journey as a Mental Health Mentor, I asked the ladies of JUMP for their perspective on how this lifestyle change has impacted their mental health.


Their incredible stories are beyond inspirational! Check them out below!


“I wanted to do JUMP because it was all about an anti-inflammatory focus. Through movement, food, and mindfulness. Anti-inflammatory practices and diets have helped me kick PMDD and depression to the curb!”- Mela T.


“I think one of the most beneficial things for me was also the simplest: the 13-hour nightly fast. I wake up with less brain fog and lethargy overall, which impacts how I’m able to take on the rest of my day. Also turning meal prep into a creative endeavor instead of a chore.” -Shanna B.


“After spending 3 years balancing school, a full-time job and an internship I was exhausted and drained, to say the least. I wasn't working out, spending most of my days at my desk, and using psychotropic medicines to keep me focused and to help me sleep. This was not a healthy lifestyle and I knew it... JUMP has saved me from the path of self-destruction that I was traveling down. I am proud to say that I am no longer taking any prescription medications, I sleep 8-10 hours and wake up before my alarm almost every morning. I am now a morning person! My levels of depression and anxiety have almost completely disappeared.” – Marlene M.


“This is my first time ever giving up meat and/or dairy. I haven’t had anxiety since I switched to vegan, I’ve had regular, daily bowel movements and overall, I’m feeling much happier, more grateful and present in each moment, kind of like a state of Zen/peace. Half of the people at my place of work are out sick with cold/flu, including my entire department (people on both sides and across from me) and I am still healthy and feeling great. I also attribute this to being consistent with probiotics along with following this plant-based meal plan and daily movement.  I’ve also re-learned that healthy, whole-food carbs are good for me and I have lost weight while eating more of them. I have def gotten closer to balance with this program. I absolutely love it.” -Kelly N.


“The personal development, working out and eating well has allowed me to focus on what is important to me. I feel amazing on the inside and out. I am finally okay with being anxious or sad, JUMP allowed me to embrace who I am and what I feel.” -Brenda A.


“My anxiety is way down, I’ve regained my lost confidence, I feel more secure, and I’m out of my depression/strange funk even without having reached my final goals. I feel responsible and have a new sense of purpose since I’m actively working towards something. It’s hard to focus on your mistakes, regrets, etc. when you’re so busy reading recipes, cooking, in the gym working out, or self-reflecting (yeah you sit in your feelings a bit but then the practices help you accept, move on, or change your perspective). I am a better wife, daughter, sister, friend, and employee because of this lifestyle change.” -Veronica W.



JUMP runs four times a year, and the next one will be starting March 30th and ending April 26th. I highly encourage this program if you are looking for a lifestyle change that encourages you to reevaluate your priorities, routines, habits, behaviors, and overall relationship to yourself. Registration will be taking place at www.luly.co/jump. Hope to see you there as your Mental Health Mentor!


With love,


Dr. Claudia Caprio


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