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Let's Face It Girl! It's Time To Take Off The Mask With This New Women's Group!

Let’s Face It, as a woman in society today there are so many demands and expectations of us.


What’s that saying again? Ah yes, “Fake it until you make it.”

But, what if…we face it until we make it?


We we try to be as strong as we can, without showing emotions or feelings. Adding a little mascara here, blush there, lipstick as the final touch. While that’s all so beautiful, we forget about our internal beauty. We take on the day, no matter what lies ahead of us, and sometimes mask how we feel just to make the days go by. But, let’s be honest, masking our emotions can only do so much.


To keep it real, it can be quite toxic at times.


We are flawlessly imperfect.


This is where the Let’s Face It women’s group comes into place. A group to detox and nourish the mind & body and only enhance and purify the way in which we view and feel about ourselves. I have spent the better half of my research on specializing in image empowerment, and have found that the way in which we feel on the inside reflects how we feel on the outside.


This group is truly about taking the emotional masks off and putting on hydrating and nourishing thoughts of the self. The group will be addressing a woman’s raw, authentic self, focusing on how we can appreciate our self, solid self and realign. We will be taking off our makeup, wiping away impurities and putting face masks on to nourish the physical beauty and sharing our most intimate thoughts and feelings to enhance our emotional beauty.


I created Let’s Face It with the intention of holding space for ourselves as a whole, not just the face we put on for the world. I will be revealing more information about the group on my instagram @meltuition such as when we’ll be meeting, how often, and specials on the group package.


If you’re interested in being on the priority list, make sure to send me an email at Melanie@bekindtothemind.net


Let's detox and nourish, ladies. Time to put your best face forward.



Dr. Mel

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