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OOTQ: Outfit of the Quarantine

What Would Meltuition Wear


What do I wear?


What day is it?


Have I washed these pajamas?


Uhh..did I shower today?


I look gross…ew.


How many of you have asked yourself at least one of these questions…if not, all? I am guessing most of you have. Let’s be real, this pandemic is turning into a fashion faux paux for us all. While it is important that we all remain as healthy as possible and respect the societal rules, no one said we couldn’t make our own fashion rules. Whether it be wearing the same clothes all week, skipping a shower, wearing pajamas, or not brushing our hair for the day, we get to style the life we want. And the way we do it is a reflection of us in every way-internally and externally.



It is challenging to get dressed during quarantine. We are waking up and going from room to room. Not feeling like our best selves all the time has had an impact on how we feel and how we decide to dress. There is a direct relationship between our moods and appearance. You all know what I am talking about. If I am feeling down, I want to be in the most comfortable clothes possible- an oversized hoodie and sweatpants. If I am feeling energetic, you can find me in my favorite athletic wear. And for overall comfort, pajama pajama pajamas!




But, I want you to ask yourself, do I really feel internally comfortable? The most important thing we can do for ourselves is be honest. Be honest with where we are in relation to society, our employment status, relationships, emotional wellbeing, and mental capacity. Now more than ever, we need to feel comforted by others: friends, and family…but we can’t always be with them.

So…what is the next comforting thing? OUR CLOTHES! We have to find comfort on our own.


Clothes are a way for us to self-express, as they speak for themselves without us even verbally saying something. Each day, we have the opportunity to tell the world (or our Zoom meetings, TikTok videos, and Instagram lives) a little about ourselves, just by what we wear. What a power! This allows us to feel a different level of comfortability. But, when the routine becomes monotonous, it is hard for us to gain the motivation to “put ourselves together.” And to take it even further, there is zero to no motivation to change our clothes or even try to put on a new outfit because where are we going... nowhere?


That’s not true, it isn’t about getting ready to go somewhere, it is about getting ready for ourselves. To make us feel good internally and externally. When we wear something clean, or a new outfit, it gives us a stronger sense of self, building our self-confidence and self-esteem. We need this now more than ever.


How can we do that?


I am not saying to wear a whole suit or fur jacket at home (although that would be fun..I might have done one of those.) I am saying make small shifts to your daily routine when it comes to your presentation of self. By doing something small, it will make a big difference for you. I have listed some tips for everyone to revamp and feel confident at the comfort of their own home.


These are MY personal tips that I even do for myself:


Plan your outfit for your day

Just like you would have done this for school growing up or maybe you do this when you get ready for work-pre Quarantine-it helps to prepare and have a vision for your day. Asking yourself what will it look like? If you have any virtual meetings, online classes, Facetime dates with friends or family, it will give you the motivation to present yourself in a way you want to be viewed, but it will also make you feel better.


Outfit changes throughout the day

I’m all for outfit changes. I actually prefer them the most. I do look for any reason to change out of an outfit into a new look, depending on what I do and how I am feeling. So, you wake up and you have pajamas on, then let's say you then put on athleisure to get ready for a workout, then you shower, and then another outfit that’s comfortable for you, even if it’s a fresh pair of jammies!


Do your laundry//Wash clothes weekly

This is crucial. Maybe we have been wearing the same pair of clothes and that is okay, but it’s time to wash them. By just doing your laundry and cleaning your clothes, it will instantly freshen you up internally and make you feel clean, that fresh linen smell!


Put on Perfume or Cologne

Yes! Remember when Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wore to bed? And she famously replied, “I only wear Chanel No. 5.” I do agree with this, sometimes just putting on a spritz of perfume or cologne whether in the morning or at night will enhance your pheromones and instantly make you feel confident. As you go throughout your day or even sleep, you will have hints of your own scent- in the best way. It always makes me feel better! It’s a way to feel refreshed.


Brush your hair//Comb trim your beard

Okay, guilty. It is so easy to throw my hair up in a knot and call it a day, but it gets old. Doing a little blow dry or a comb through can make you feel more put together, especially if you have a meeting in the day. If you don’t want to put on real clothes, at least run a comb. And…if you don’t want to do that, then ladies add a cute scrunchie and it will revamp your hair!



FASHION SHOW! Who doesn’t love one? We can really play dress-up now and it is fun, even as adults. This can be a way to put on your favorite outfit, try something new on you haven’t worn before, and invite your friends to join you- make it a fun event. If you ever watched Sex and the City, those girls knew how to have fun with clothes. It also allows you to imagine where you will be when you put that specific outfit on and who you will be with. Dressing up for yourself is the best way to feel confident in your own skin. The best tip, play some music, your favorite hype music so you can be, feeling yourself!


Organize your closet

Make mental and physical space for your clothes, your items, your memories. We are continuing to visually see our own, knowing the inside of it the best. The way you would clean your kitchen and bathroom, you can also apply that to your closet. Take things out that no longer bring you joy, as Marie Kondo says. Maybe make it a family event and go through old items, you can talk about your memories and so much more. It is a true cleansing feel.


Revamp your style

While we have the TIME to really be with ourselves, maybe this is the time to create a new look for yourself. Quarantine has made us all feel some type of way, coming out of it, I want you to ask yourself:

  • How do you want to emerge?

  • What look do you want?

  • What does it look like?

  • How do you want to make a true comeback?


Create a Vision

Along with revamping your style, maybe you just want to simply look for a new look and you aren’t sure what it will look like. Wow, that’s a lot of looks. It never hurts to collect photos, use Pinterest or Instagram to find what you might want to change or it might even make you think about the things you want to keep and then add as additions. Maybe its jewelry and more accessory pieces.


Love your body

THIS IS NUMBER ONE. We are so hard on ourselves. It is actually so unfortunate the way we talk to ourselves, when we look at the mirror and even when we don’t. I know that so many are experiencing struggles with weight-loss or gain-or just simple unhappiness or maybe you feel great in the skin you are in. Whatever you are experiencing, love your body. Be grateful for what you have and learn to appreciate the individual marks that tell a story, that no one else has but you. Your individual shape is tailored to you. Tailor your mind with it.



Now when it comes to what to actually wear! It can be the simplest pieces that add to your mood and can boost and list your spirits. Remember, it takes one small thing. So, what am I wearing?!

  • PAJAMAS. Yes, I really am a jama kween. I do own a variety, so I am able to change my sleepwear up throughout my weeks. Whether it is long pajamas, shorts, a nightie. I love it all. Matching pieces are my all-time favorite.

  • ATHLEISURE. Whether you decide to work out or not, that’s okay. Putting on athletic comfort wear will give you the mindset to “get going” and this is all the motivation we need right now. Our minds get going when we have deadlines and projects and things to do.

  • BIKE SHORTS. I was looking through my closet and I noticed I don’t own a lot of shorts for living in SoFlo…doesn't make any sense. It is hard to shop right now because we don’t know what lies ahead of us, but we can buy comfortable and versatile clothing. Bike shorts was something I wore a lot when I was a little girl, so I wanted to adopt more pieces in my wardrobe because it instantly brings me back to the 90s. They are fun and they come in so many styles and colors.

  • OVERSIZED TEES. I love a good shirt that just makes me feel like I am in pajamas. One that is large enough for me to let it all hang out, but also one that is stylish and fun. I love my oversized TLC shirt and my Dwayne Wade shirt. Just being in those pieces makes me feel at home and they are my favorite lounge pieces. We know what it’s like to have our favorite, GO TO, pieces. So put them on!


  • TWO-PIECE CO-ORD SETS. I am a sucker for a good set. It is mindless, I know they match and they will go together. You can find me in my lavender fleece set, even in 90-degree weather. I call these my “jim jams” even though they aren’t pajamas. It sure feels like it.

  • HOOP EARRINGS. Ladies, you all know hoops bring up your outfit 100%, even if you are in sweats. It can be any size of hoop and it will make you feel like a BOSS. Because naturally so, you are. I love wearing mine, big or small. They are fun and it is even better if you own colored pairs too!

  • SCRUNCHIES. A good scrunchie on your wrist or in your hair will Zhuzh it up! We might not know what to exactly do with our hair all the time, so whether its been up all week or maybe down, a scrunchie (different from a hair tie) will make your hair cute and it adds color and a statement to your hair.




These are some of my stay at home looks. And I hope you can create your own looks too!


Remind yourself that this feeling isn’t always going to be forever and remain to pay attention to your self talk as you get through this time. When you wake up, appreciate yourself and appreciate who you are as a person. As we need to get our minds ready for the day, we also need to get our bodies ready, and it doesn’t hurt to change up our outfit choices for the day.



Above all, I want you to feel comfy, cozy, and confident. No matter what. And whatever you may be feeling when you wake up and head to your dresser or closet…just follow you meltuition! And ask yourself…what would meltuition wear? #WWMTW


Make me proud!


Stay safe and healthy.


With Love,

Dr. Mel


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