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Re-Opening With Mixed Feelings

For some, COVID-19 has been a horrible nightmare. Many have experienced loss- some have lost loved ones, and others have lost jobs, security, and even hope. It has been a tumultuous couple of months for so many people across the world, and the inevitability of it all has caused pain, frustration, and anger.


Amongst all of the chaos, hurt, and despair, some of us have been dealing with our own version of unmitigated emotions from the comforts of our home, and we’ve been very privileged to do so.


Still so, as the country re-opens, new emotions begin to come up for us.


Is there a part of you that doesn’t want the world to open back up?


Like you do… but, you don’t.


It’s okay, you can say it.


I know I am.


As the United States has started to lift the stay-at-home orders, restaurants to local gyms are beginning to open back up. This is a good thing, right? I don’t have that answer. What I do know though is that there may be a deeper root cause that is provoking you to question your thoughts on this.


While in quarantine, what did you experience?


Sure, I’m sure it had its moments of discomfort. From the inability to go to your favorite restaurant, to the dismal reality of becoming ill. Yet, underneath it all there may have been a feeling of peace.


Although the pandemic of COVID-19 has brought out great despair, there may also have been moments where it felt good to have nothing to do. The hustle and bustle of your routine may have been dropped to perhaps a 7 out of 10 with the limitation of work dinners and family obligations. Sure, I know those events bring pleasantries into your life but has the downtime done the same?


Things I enjoyed while in quarantine:

  • No external obligations

  • More time to unwind in the evening

  • Quality time with my partner

  • Caught up on my shows

  • The desire to reflect on my purpose

  • Extra time to brainstorm

  • The ability to control what I eat

  • Creative room for cooking

  • Observing my community enjoy outdoor walks

  • A new relationship with the introvert in me

  • Added time to snuggle with my pup

  • The potential to save money

  • Streets filled with fewer cars

  • The layer of safety that came from riding my bicycle

  • No FOMO (fear of missing out)

  • Spring cleaning

  • The collective experience of coming together to show support

  • The sanctuary that my home became

  • A new appreciation for alone time


I am saying all of this to say that it is okay to grieve the silver linings of this experience. It’s okay to also be excited about the reopenings, as well. It’s all OK.


Your feelings support your reality.


As the shift begins into the “new normal”, I encourage you to write your own list of silver linings and ask yourselves which ones you want to bring with you.


And remember,

Be kind to the mind.


With love,

Dr. Claudia Caprio





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