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Self-Worth and Unfiltered Selfies

Updated: Jul 8, 2020


Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, television, magazines, and movies can have an influence on how society views beauty. Over the years, self-worth has been diminished to the value of our exterior. While posting and playing with filters on social media can serve as comedic relief, it can also serve as a way to “elevate” our appearance. These virtual makeovers, however, may have a deeper impact on our subconscious than we are aware of. They can change the way we view ourselves and can create a narrative of self-comparison.


Do filters work against body positivity? Can they increase negative self-talk? Reflect on the number of photos you’ve taken or posted with a filter. What is the intention behind posting that photo? How does it impact how you view yourself? These “innocent” ideas can influence self-esteem and impact confidence.


The power of today’s society is our individual ability to set and re-create our own standards of beauty. Self-esteem, self-love, and confidence have been part of my individual journey, as well as common topics that most of my clients explore. So how can we internally inspire self-love? We can start by embracing what we have learned to identify as “imperfections.” These attributes are our thumbprints, they’re what makes you unique. Differences are beautiful and learning to own our differences helps shift society's perspective of beauty.


Can we challenge ourselves to embrace differences through enhancing the beauty that we are born with? I’d like to inspire you to post a photo without using filters and embrace imperfections. These “imperfections” are what makes you, you. Being able to love others, starts with the love and acceptance we have for ourselves.


So, go ahead, post the #UnfilteredSelfie & Tag me with the hashtag #MakingMovesCWC


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