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Stress Less

Stress Less

Life gets busy, and stress can sneak up on us. Recognizing stress is the first step to reclaiming your peace. Notice if you're feeling overwhelmed, irritable, or having trouble sleeping – these could be stress signals.

Tip 1: Deep Breaths Take a moment to breathe deeply. Inhale slowly, feel your chest rise, then exhale, letting the stress escape. Repeat until you feel more centered.

Tip 2: Time for Yourself Schedule "me time" in your day. Whether it's reading a book, taking a walk, or enjoying a hobby, giving yourself a break is crucial.

Tip 3: Positive Vibes Shift your mindset by focusing on the positive. List three things you're grateful for daily; it can be as simple as a sunny day or a kind gesture.

Tip 4: Move Your Body Exercise isn't just for the body; it's great for the mind too. Find an activity you enjoy, be it dancing, walking, or yoga, and make it a regular part of your routine.

Tip 5: Connect with Others Share your feelings with a friend or family member. Social connections can provide support and different perspectives, making challenges feel more manageable.

By weaving these simple tips into your daily life, you're taking proactive steps toward a calmer, stress-free existence.


Dara Kobrin is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Rapid Resolution Therapy Practitioner. Dara has vast experience working with clients dealing with co-occurring disorders, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, addiction, trauma, anger management, stress management, life changes, substance abuse recovery, codependency issues, and student and career counseling. Her therapeutic styles vary depending on the personality, life experiences, and needs of the individual.

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