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The Benefits of Therapy and Yoga

Dealing with Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are normal responses to everyday situations. A moderate amount of stress is healthy for the body and mind.  Eustress is when a person feels confident in their abilities to solve a problem. Occasionally a problem arises amongst other issues and it feels unsolvable at the time. When this happens this leads one towards a feeling of distress. If a person does not find the solution to the stressors they are facing, it can lead to having heightened levels of anxiety.    In the past few years anxiety has been reported to be on the rise in society.  Chronic, unmanaged stress leads  to  higher levels of anxiety that has mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Untreated symptoms of anxiety can stem to generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).   When someone is suffering from GAD it results in them feeling negative emotions that are not just traumatic but it also weakens the immune system. Finding ways to manage these symptoms and prevent the emotional triggers are very important. 

Traditional methods of treating anxiety have been pharmaceuticals and psychotherapeutic approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  These are effective methods  for treating anxiety however researchers have found that adding some physical healing elements have also been very helpful overall. Combining the above methods with  physical healing elements such as meditation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, regular exercise, and Yoga have shown to be beneficial. These methods can sometimes help the person get calm enough to identify the true underlying cause of the anxiety.  

Regular yoga practice can strengthen the skills that make it possible to have a degree of control over our emotional state. The calmer more focused person has more control over how they respond to the stressful events that were causing the root issues. Yoga has proven effects that lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, increases cognitive function,  and enables mental clarity. This is what makes the mind body practice of yoga so beneficial as a treatment option. 

Ultimately, yoga helps you let go and focus on your healing. The combination of therapy and yoga can make a major difference in your life! 


michell Llovet

Michell Llovet 

Michell Llovet is a Licensed Health Coach and 200hr Yoga Teacher. She also obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from FIU in Health and Physical Education. Michell has taught Life Management to teens for over 23 years. In her lifelong journey in the health and wellness field Michell first discovered yoga as a college athlete and used it to heal and recover physically.

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