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The Power of Breath: The Power of Prana

Breathe in, breathe out! It seems so basic and so autonomic but yet all to often we hold our breath and forget to release. This practice tends to lead us to feeling stressed and exhausted. A long day, a big meeting, a complicated conversation all can lead us to those moments where we had elevated energy and shorter breaths. If only we could get that power back, that power of controlling our breath in high stress moments. We can! 


Gaining control over our breath, emotions, and vitals is all about practice. Regularly engaging in a meditation practice, visualization activities, yoga classes , and progressive muscle relaxation techniques can bring you closer to having the mental focus to keep your control. This practice of control over the mind and body brings one closer to clarity when dealing with high stress situations. Sometimes, it can even lead you to finding ways to remove such stressors  from your life altogether.  Although that would be ideal there are days when you still have to face it all. Fret not, you have been taking charge and practicing techniques like those listed above. You have gained confidence, strength, and peace of mind. The breath work and intentional  healthy movements done in your past yoga classes have now brought you to a better state of mind. Your decision making is guided by patience. Your emotional intelligence has deepened with each meditation you participated in. You now have the not only experienced the power of breathe, you mastered the power of PRANA. 


Breathe easy my friends! 


 michell Llovet

Michell Llovet 

Michell Llovet is a Licensed Health Coach and 200hr Yoga Teacher. She also obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from FIU in Health and Physical Education. Michell has taught Life Management to teens for over 23 years. In her lifelong journey in the health and wellness field Michell first discovered yoga as a college athlete and used it to heal and recover physically.

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