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The Seize-on of Giving.



May I have the definition please? Providing love or other emotional support; caring

May I have the part of speech? Adjective

Can you use it in a sentence? They were very giving and supportive.


Here we are, shifting into the holiday season. This is a time of excitement for many, happiness, sharing time with friends and family, loved ones, and so many more. It is also a time of sadness for others, stress, anxiety, conflict and frustrations. You all know what I am talking about. In some way or form, we have had these experiences. We often associate the holidays with happiness, when others may associate it with sadness. Whatever emotion you may be feeling in this time right now, in the present moment, know that it’s okay to feel that. Lean in to yourself and explore where this might be coming from. And know that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.


So often we feel compelled and pulled to do things for others, obviously we love and care for them, but are we loving and caring for ourselves too? To what extent are we willing to give ourselves when we may not have the energy for said giving? We might even be put in positions where we feel placed in the middle, not knowing where to give the energy without disappointing or upsetting someone else.


We may not even have the energy to give, we may not be in the emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual head space, not knowing what direction to go…this is more common than we realize.


The stress and conflict becomes a battle within ourselves and then translates into one’s personal and even professional life. If we take a minute to self-reflect and realize that you don’t always have to do everything for others at the expense of your own time and energy, you can process and give yourself the emotional space to better understand that you can only do so much. Be okay with that. I know it can be hard. Preserve your energy and dedicate it where you want it most.


Given all this..........(haha, get it?) What can we learn? Here are some ways you can give to yourself and seize this moment:

  • Take note of where you are emotionally and mentally.

  • Define it for you.

  • Set your boundary within YOUR means.

  • Be grateful for yourself and your process.

  • Give yourself the room to breathe and explore your options.

  • Give to no ends, to yourself. It isn’t being selfish. It’s being selfless to yourself.

  • Be thankful that you are taking it minute by minute.

  • Ask yourself how am I going to give to myself during this time?

  • In what way will I be giving and supportive of myself and also my loved ones?


So let’s spell it out, together. G I V I N G


There is an I in giving, two of them, remember that. You can give to yourself, with respect to others. So use it in a sentence… I AM GOING TO BE VERY GIVING AND SUPPORTIVE TO MYSELF.


Follow your meltuition when I say, “Give to yourself for yourself.”


Happy Giving.



Dr. Mel

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