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What is Generational Trauma?

What we know is that trauma can shape the way we think and react, and those things can be handed down through generations despite how harmful those behaviors and ideas may be. We pass down cues and behaviors to our children as they grow up, even if we are not aware of it.

Our therapists help you understand your family's patterns and how they impact your life in the now. They are there to support you as you learn to become aware of your triggers and symptoms so that you can embark on your healing journey to help break the cycle for generations to come.


Trauma therapy aims to provide skills and techniques to help you better understand, cope, and manage emotions and memories related to traumatic events, with the ultimate goal of helping you to create a healthier relationship with the experiences that have taken place in your life.


Symptoms of intergenerational trauma always begin with the survivor of trauma, which tend to manifest as symptoms of PTSD.

Oftentimes trauma in the second generation is deemed as a traumatic response to parental trauma.

Transmission between the parent and child can be broken down into 5 measures: communication, conflict, family cohesion, parental warmth, and parental involvement.

We have helped individuals feel better and get back in the driver seat of their own lives. We know that dealing with trauma can be draining and can leave you feeling hopeless, tired, and alone, but you don’t have to live this way. At CMC Therapy, we offer a variety of trauma-focused therapies that can help you regain the strength to carry out your best life.

Start Healing from Generational Trauma in Davie, FL

You don’t have to live with feelings of disconnect, numbness, or the inability to trust others.

Counseling can help you better understand, cope, and manage emotions and memories associated with trauma.

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