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Purple Ribbon Day: The Gift of Presence and Hope

Happy Purple Ribbon Day!



Today we celebrate those who are brave enough to join in on life every day while facing an internal AND external struggle that is often difficult to comprehend. Purple Ribbon Day was created to spread awareness about epilepsy, what is epilepsy you might ask?


Epilepsy is a neurological condition that impacts and interrupts one’s regular sensory activity. It disturbs the brain resulting in convulsions due to abnormal electricity in one’s brain, most commonly known as seizures.


We celebrate this day to show those who have been diagnosed that we support them and are not afraid of their diagnosis. Increasing awareness shows those who have been diagnosed that they’re not alone in their battle. People who are faced with this battle are so strong in so many different ways! It seems that sometimes when we as human beings can’t visibly see a diagnosis on a person, we downplay it. With that being the case for epilepsy among many other conditions, it is inspiring to see people with this diagnosis continue to go on about their lives and live each day to the fullest.


I’d like to challenge anyone reading this to learn one thing about epilepsy or any diagnosis you don’t know much about to end the stigma about “invisible” to the eye diagnoses!


So, I invite you- all of you- to celebrate those who have been diagnosed with epilepsy and to celebrate those who face any kind of internal or external battle who brave the world EVERY SINGLE DAY.


We see you; we accept you and we appreciate you!


Julia Morett-Vij, M.S. MFT

Registered Intern Marriage and Family Therapist

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