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Ready. Set. Action!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019


Small steps forward are still steps forward.


Its common to have an idea and “shoot for the moon.” Dreaming big is how life changes happen, but sometimes we can lose focus on the small steps that help you get there. In therapy I often work with clients with treatment planning and/ or goal setting. We have been taught there are short-term goals and long-term goals. What tends to happen is we forget the importance of the small changes we make everyday that helps bring us closer to our desired outcome.


In therapy with clients who are working on recovery I ask, “does that choice bring you closer to your recovery or closer to your addiction?” At times steps backward have been made, but it’s about learning that with a deep breath, and an honest evolution, we can continue to move forward.


Making changes in life is hard, but once we know we want change, small steps can bring you closer to that desired goal. So how do I make this shift in life? Making one change in either your lifestyle, career, relationship, and/or routine can help promote your desired goal. Small shifts can make big waves.


I recently took the jump and changed aspects of my career. I was nervous, insecure, unsure, and I definitely doubted myself at times. But ultimately I committed to myself. I often encourage my clients to commit to themselves and their recovery process. Part of the excitement in change is experiencing the insecurities and pushing through them, feeling proud and accomplished on the other side of it. Even if the outcome isn’t as desired, it was an opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes we have to get burned to know not to touch the hot stove.


So how do I take action?


  • Start small. Challenge one negative thought a day. Replace it with something positive. Example: “ I can’t do this ” with “I can try this and will learn from my results.”

  • Add or change one thing or task in your daily routine. Just one. After seeing your ability to commit, continue the process.

  • Make a To-Do list. I tend to struggle with giving myself the time to actually make a to-do list. But when I do, I always feel more accomplished. Especially when I get to cross tasks off that list.


Today, just by clicking and reading this blog, you took a step forward. Your mind is open and willing. You have already taken the initiative to improve and explore your mental health wellness.


Connecting with care,

Dara Kobrin, LMHC

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